How it Works

Takeaway & Restaurant Ordering System  |  Takeaway & Restaurant EPOS Systems

How does the FND Online ordering system work?

This is a  total online ordering solution designed specifically for takeaways & restaurants. 

System  has the following components.
Responsive new website design integrated with our online ordering systems. You will gave pay on cash or pay with debit /Credit card options preferable through paypal.

Optional SMS printer which can ring when you receive the order and prints every confirmed order automatically.  Within our system you will be offering loyalty programmes and coupons to your clients. We will create Google Business, Google map, Social media pages on Facebook and Twitter and connected to your website. You will be also on the first page of Google with your local search terms. Our Email marketing  and Feedback module for customers will help you to increase awareness of your brand. Finally our successful ePOS terminal with touchscreen comes with an optional extras.

Once your website and our online ordering systems up and running, you will get orders from web, mobile phones or tablets. System allows you to confirm the order and add delivery time before accepting the order. Now your time starts, you need to prepare your delicious food and send it to your client. According to client choice during ordering, they will have the option to pay on cash or pay with card. You will see which options they choose on your printed order. Since there is no middle man. You will take all your sales and profit without paying any commission to anyone.