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FAQ about online food ordering systems

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online food ordering systems


1. We are working with Justeat or Hungryhouse. Why should we consider working with you?

We are working based on 0% commission, this means once you pay once and purchase our system there will not be any monthly payments or commissions. System is yours and we also help you to increase your online orders. We will take your website on the first page of Google when your customers search for takeaways in your area. So you may still working with Justeat or Hungryhouse buy now it is time to move forward and create your brand awareness.

2. Once we have FND online ordering systems can we close our account with Justeat and Hungryhouse?

We wouldn't recommend this for the beginning. Since you have already working with them for a long time, you already have your weekly income through their system. Although you still need to pay commission to them till your own website with online ordering system increase orders. Once you reaches certain level of sales through your website than you will decide whether you can leave or stay with their systems.

3. Okay, if I would like to use your system, how long this will take to integrate? When will I up and running my own online ordering platform?

We usually pretty quick on this, Once you confirm and decide your package, we will start working on your website and on your menu. It will usually take 2 weeks. Iphone and android apps will be n the app-stores usually within 4-5 weeks as after our submission they will be checked by app-store and google-play.

4. Is there any setup charge? After you implement FND ordering system do I need to do anything?

We do not have any hidden fees or extra service charges. Once your system up and running, apart from preparing and delivering your orders there is not much you can do. This means we already take care about your online marketing and put you in front of the local Google searches.

5. More and more people are using mobile devices for online ordering. Are you mobile-enabled?

Absolutely. When you implement FND food ordering system, we also set up a mobile site with all features. This ensures that people who access your site from mobile devices can order their food hassle-free from you.

6. I do not have much knowledge about computers, how can I handle and work with your system?

You do not need to be a computer experts, As a matter of fact, you do not need to know anything about how this system works. We will make sure your systems installed correctly, your printers are working and your system ready to take orders. As long as you have internet services on your premises we will take care the rest and remotely support you in case later on you have problems.